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"Undercurrents" is an on-going physical, psychological, philosophical and creative study. It is inspired and motivated by my experience as a dancer as well as a human being moving through life. Scroll down to read more.
Inhabit your body. 


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Undercurrents is a continuous exploration of where the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional parts of ourselves intersect. How curious and incredible it is that our bodies communicate with us through both physical and psychological expression. 
I spent nearly 20 years of my life devoted to dance - ballet, modern, tap, jazz - as well as studying Figure Drawing /Painting in college. I learn over time that our bodies are very powerful tools for storytelling and conveying emotion. 
For the past few years I have been working with a psychologist, a ki hara specialist, my mentor (a retired Jesuit priest living in Langley, WA), a pilates instructor, an acupuncture therapist, and my parents to help identify emotions and narratives within myself and people in general. What behavior patterns are genetic and what are learned? How does relationship abuse effect creative expression? What does self-preservation during crisis look like? How does your body "talk" to you and how can you "speak" with your physical self? 
During my artist residency at La Romita School of Art in Terni, Italy, fall 2017, I further explored the human figure through the art of printmaking. Under the direction of Kathy Brimberry (Master Printer and Owner of Flatbed Press) and Suzi Davidoff (Fine Artist and Printer based in the Chihuahuan Desert), I challenged myself to push the figure beyond the comfortable illustrative bounds I am used to. Printmaking lends itself to unpredictability, texture and depth ... just what I am looking for. 
Undercurrents continues to be both therapeutic and enlightening. It has been a gift to learn from others as I share this creative work. I look forward to exploring deeper and more abstractly as the series progresses. In the future, I plan to show all of this work and include performance art - gritty, layered, human.
Inhabit your body. 

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