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2002     Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA) with emphasis in Graphic Design & Figure Drawing, University of Arkansas at Fayetteville,


2018     Artist Mini-Residency, Lynn Farm, Caddo Valley, LA.

2017     Summer Artist Residency - Printmaking, La Romita School of Art, Terni, Umbria, Italy (Printmaking intensive with Flatbed Press.)

Work Experience

Birth - present    Fine Artist

2018-present      Creative Director, Ruvati, Round Rock, TX (remote)

2015-2018          Creative Manager, Pendleton International Corp, Austin, TX 
                           (RadiaShield Technologies and Belly Armor, also Creature Cups®, JJ Rabbit®)

2010                   Art & English Teacher, Casa de Aguila Orphanage, Limatambo, Peru

2008-present      Creative Director, Senior Designer, Illustrator, Emily Galusha Creative, (remote)


(solo shows marked by *)

2024    Spring Exhibit, The Cathedral, Austin, TX

2023    Here Now, Canopy Gallery, Austin, TX

2023    The Cathedral, ATX Gals, Austin, TX   

2022     East Austin Studio Tour, Canopy Studios, Austin, TX

2022     West Austin Studio Tour, Travis Audubon Society, Austin, TX  

2021     Hard Times Come Again No More, Vox Veniae, Austin, TX

2021     Mujeres, La Peña Gallery, Austin, TX

2020      Wanderlust Wine Company, Guest Artist, Austin, TX

2020     Soul of America II, Fort Worth Community Arts Center, Fort Worth, TX

2020     Austin Studio Tour, Canopy Studios & Big Medium, Austin, TX

2020     *Counting Magpies, Canopy Studios, Austin, TX

2019     Art Hop, Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown, TX

2019     *New Works, Kiki Nass, Austin, TX

2019     Soul of America I, Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown, TX

2018     Out of La Romita, Flatbed Press & Gallery, Austin, TX

2018     Unforseen, Camiba Arts Gallery, Austin, TX

2018     ATX 2 LR, M2 Gallery, Little Rock, AR

2018     East Austin Studio Tour, Canopy Studios, Austin, TX      

2017     Group Show, Birdsong Bodyworks, West Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2017     Art Hop, Georgetown Art Center, Georgetown, TX

2017     East Austin Studio Tour, Canopy Studios, Austin, TX      

2016     The Gun Show, DRAWL Gallery, Little Rock, AR

2016     East Austin Studio Tour, Canopy Studios, Austin, TX      

2015     East Austin Studio Tour, Canopy Studios, Austin, TX      

2014     East Austin Studio Tour, Canopy Studios, Austin, TX      

2013     *Relic, M2 Gallery, Little Rock, AR

2013     East Austin Studio Tour, Canopy Studios, Austin, TX      

2012     Group Show, Gray Duck Gallery, West Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2011     Group Show, Gray Duck Gallery, West Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2011     Tesseract Dancing, Two-Artist Show, Trinity Gallery at the Historic Arkansas Museum, Little Rock, AR

2011     *Pistols, Eastside Showroom, East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2011     East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX      

2010     15th Anniversary Exhibition (4-artist show), Gallery 26, Little Rock, AR 



2018     Printmaking Residency scholarship, La Romita School of Art, Umbria, Terni, Italy

2010     Best Arkansas Artist, Arkansas Times "Best of 2010 Reader's Poll”, Arkansas

2010     Bronze ADDY® Award, emily galusha creative, District ADDY® Awards

2010     Gold ADDY® & Special Judges Award for Illustration, emily galusha creative, Arkansas ADDY® Awards

2009     Third Place, Best Arkansas Artist, Arkansas Times "Best of 2010 Reader's Poll”, Arkansas

2008     Third Place, Annual Juried Exhibition, South Arkansas Art Center, El Dorado, AR

2008     “Cotton,” 50th anniversary Delta Show, Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, AR



Published & Interviews

2022     EASTside Magazine, Artist Feature, Austin, TX

2019     Voyage Dallas, "Art & Life with Emily Galusha, Online Artist Feature, Dallas, TX

2018     Voyage Houston, "Art & LIfe with Emily Galusha", Online Artist Feature, Houston, TX

2016     Americana Magazine, Full Spread pgs 8-11, Los Angeles, CA

2015     Do 512, "A Local Artist with Many Unique Talents", KXAN Artist Spotlight, Austin, TX

2015     A Look Into Studio 126, Artist Interview, Metropolitan Gallery, Austin, TX

2014     Free People, Online Blog Feature, Philadelphia, PA

2014, Artist Interview, Austin, TX

2013     Idle Class, Artist Interview, Little Rock, Arkansas

2013     Arkansas Life, Artist Feature, Little Rock, AR

2011     Metroseeker, Online Artist Feature

2010     Arkansas Times Cover Feature, Best Arkansas Artist

2010     "Painting It Softly", Arkansas Times, Little Rock, AR

2010     Cue, Modeling Spread for Missy Lipps, Little Rock, AR

2009     Arkansas Arts Council, Artist Interview, Arkansas

2009     Department of Arkansas Heritage, Featured in TV Commercial, Arkansas

2009     Sync Magazine, Featured Artist, Little Rock, AR


Professional Activities & Public Works

2020     Austin School of Fiber Arts, Board of Directors, Austin, TX

2019     Master Whistlings, "A Glimmer On The Outskirts", Recorded Whistler on album by musician and actor Ben Dickey

2019     Antone's, Whistling accompaniment, on stage alongside Ben Dickey, Beth Blofson, Charlie Sexton

2017     Young Women's Alliance Foundation, Live Painter, Awards Ceremony

2017     "A Self Portrait by Someone Else", Modeling / Portrait Collaboration with Photographer Richard Casteel

2017     "Deities of Dirt", Photography Collaboration with Writer Clara Bensen

2016     "DVLS RVR", Poetry/Photography/Illustration Collaboration with Writer Clara Bensen

2014     Official Sponsor, Connecther

2014     Undercurrents, Photography Session with Lily Darragh Photography

2014     Featured Artist, Brooklyn Brewery Pop-up Dinner, Austin, TX

2013     HOPE Campaign, Featured Artist, Austin, TX


Permanent Collections

2018   “Lynn’s Birds”, Lynn Sherman, retired Chair of Austin Contemporary



2017 - current   Travis Audubon

2007 - current   Defenders of Wildlife

2017 - current   Artists 916, Austin, TX

Gallery Representation

M2 Gallery, Little Rock, AR

Canopy, Studio 126, Austin, TX (personal studio)

"It would be obvious and underwhelming to draw comparisons of Emily Galusha to any gun-toting cowgirl from old black and white picture shows, despite her affinity for depicting firearms within her work.

Her voice is soft spoken. When she enters a room, it is with an almost ghostly elegance; in a manner peculiar to someone who was instructed in classical ballet. Emily’s eyes flash quickly about with an almost animated curiosity as she discusses her work, as if her answer lies in some dusty family photo album hidden in the corner of the room.  To describe her in meeting serves only to underscore one of the core juxtapositions experienced in her presence that undoubtedly informs her work. Despite her kind and pleasant comportment, Emily is no softy. Growing up with brothers and finding an early affinity for punk rock music reinforced the flexible definition of femininity’s virtue. Qualities held sacred in being a “Southern Woman” are almost exclusively dependent on context. Her art removes the blindfold provided us through context, and leaves viewers to experience the symbols unveiled and embroiled in an eternal dance.

Emily’s work delivers a double-tap of intellectual impact and Southern hospitality. Armed with her lauded background in graphic design and a keen eye for antiques, she dexterously blends artistic traditions and media using graphite, paint, and objects from both her personal and the region’s distant past. Drawing her guns against (pun intended) ethereal backgrounds of tonal variations, affixed objects and distressed wood. She says that her family history and the geography of her early life are considered in her art. She came from a proud family of talented and creative people, with a rich history to discuss over holiday meals..."

Guy Bell, Fine Artist & Gallery Owner

Click to view:

feature in americana magazine

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kXAN "studio 512" Artist Spotlight

Emily's first teacher was her mother, who is an artist herself. She grew up staying busy and creative in a unique family. Studying under Ken Stout and Donald Harrington at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Emily received her Bachelors Degree of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. She was a straight A student while continuing to explore her beloved world of dance. After graduating, she continued her art career and was awarded Best Arkansas Artists by the Arkansas Times as well as other reputable titles. She is a self-taught watercolor artist as well as excelling in drawing, mixed media, ceramics and printmaking. 
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