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antique pistols in flight
There is an age-old struggle in finding a balance between the natural world and the human condition. My passion for the romanticized and rugged West, where the male character is often dominant, is counterbalanced the elegance and feminine strength of Mother Nature. In these works, I explore the harmony between the mechanic & organic, the masculine & feminine, the contemporary & historic. I dive into a personal narrative. Each pieces tells its own story. Beneath the graphite and colored pencil drawings are clippings from antique publications such as American Rifleman and The Homemaker Magazine, found in the belongings of my great-grandparents.
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Ladies of the Canyon
On Pedernales Ranch
Summer Reverie
Seven for a Secret Never to Be Told
Lynn's Birds
Cactus Wrens, Nesting
Sage Winds
Mama Em
Across the Yard, They Wait
A Month of Sundays with Mary Etta
Solis Ortus Apis
Her Lone Star
Saturday Afternoon Lessons
Montem Apes
Arma Botanica
Apis Nido
Fortune Teller : Mary Etta's Saint o
"washboard pistol pattern"
"exhale : ma & pa"
"Apis Arma"
"ma & pa : exhale"

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