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"One for Sorrow"From the first line of the Old English magpie poem (see below), this line represents loss in love. Having experienced the solitude that is found in the echo of an abandoned relationship, the single magpie falls as newness and rebirth waits close at hand. The bird is surrounded by flora and fauna found in northwest Wyoming, a place where I found, buried .... and then rediscovered love in a new light.   Original Watercolor on Arches paper30" x 24" unframed, one of a kindFree shipping! Fine art reproductions coming soon. ------ Having broken down the magpie rhyme "One for Sorrow" into a series of ten pieces, I focus on the attribution of fate and chance to Nature. According to the superstition of the magpie poem, dating back to late-1700s Britain, the number of magpie birds seen tells if one will have bad or good fortune: One for sorrowTwo for joyThree for a girlFour for a boyFive for silverSix for goldSeven for a secret, never to be toldEight for a wishNine for a kissTen for a bird you must not miss

One for Sorrow

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