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Capturing a time when fertility was at front of mind and family was most supportive, May's Fertile Garden is a portrayal of a personal journey into motherhood. The snake is me, fertility, change, transformation. And each hummingbird, nearly floating off the panel, is a member of my immediate family. Lunaria, also called "Silver Dollar Plant", grows in my parents back yard in Arkansas and grows here amongst the Spotted King Snake. The seeds drop from the plant, seeking fertile ground. Each hummingbird (attached securely but seems to lift off the page) supports and binds the snake with twisted twine. 


antique publication clippings (July 1931 MacCalls, 1932 Armour's Farmer's Almanac, Pictorial Review Feb 1931), acrylic, graphite, watercolor. Archival satin matte medium finish.

May's Fertile Garden

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