A beneficial lesson I'm gathering through these past few months is ... damn, I'm impatient. I'm guilty of desiring constant stimulation in ways of travel, Nature, adventure, learning from other people. All of those have been subdued. The way the world seems to move these days is, if you are not producing or doing, then you are wasting time.


Now, this is not something I agree with. But I can't help but be affected by it as it's constantly swirling around our heads wherever we go. I am hungry like an osprey with talons spread, beelining for that juicy fish in the flowing water. It is a game but it is necessity.


So, these months have been a lesson. Instead of feeling like I am always on the hunt, I am learning to just soar. To chill, observe and learn.


Mixed media (antique publication clippings, colored pencil, graphite, acrylic) on panel.



Round Up



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© 2020 Emily Galusha. All artwork is custom and original.

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