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© 2020 Emily Galusha. All artwork is custom and original.

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clippings from 1949 American Rifleman publication, antique sewing pattern paper, acrylic, pastel

32"h, 80"w, 1.5"d


Poison ivy grows in my back yard in sneaky places. If I'm not careful, it shows its angry mark on my arm or leg within days. I've never been allergic until Texas. A hawk appeared behind my house in spring of 2016, after a major life shift. It came as a relief. Soon after, came its mate. They hung out in my back yard for months, occasionally perching on the corner of the house. They left for a while to nest but I could hear them above all the trees. They returned and then third appeared one day, but just for a day. When I hear them, I know they bring good news. And a reminder to stay away from the poison ivy. 


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Across the Yard, They Wait